El Camino

El Camino Hospital started operation in 1961, and it is has placed its interest in modern technological advancement. El Camino Hospital is among the best hospitals in the world that boost of competent staffs that are friendly and also boast of a serene and patient friendly environment. El Camino hospital uses modern and updated computerized Read More

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India Fortis

This hospital is among the most prestigious hospitals around the world that an individual can visit for adequate medical treatments. India Fortis health care is a specialist healthcare center that is located in over three continents around the world. India Fortis Healthcare was opened in April 2013 and possesses a complete spectrum of diagnostics and Read More

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Johns Hopkins

This hospital is located in Baltimore and it is internationally recognized as a major leading hospital around the world and has with its excellent standard been awarded several times for the U.S. news and world report. John Hopkins hospital was established in 1889. John Hopkins Hospital boost of a world class Charlotte R.Bloomberg children’s center Read More

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  The Anadolu Medical Center in Kocaeli went into full operation in February 2005; This clinic is located in turkey. Anadolu Medical Center in Kocaeli, Turkey, has been described as one of the world leading hospitals for travelers who want adequate medical treatment and care. The Anadolu Medical Center in Kocaeli has an affiliation with, Read More

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Travel Medicine

TRAVEL MEDICINE   Travel medicine also described as that branch of medicine that is specialized in the prevention and management of health problems that are acquired during travel. A traveler to different countries needs to be very careful because there is a tendency of acquiring diseases and injury not typical to their community. Travel medicine Read More

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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine   There are many different branches of medicine. Ancient history divided humans into tribes and each tribe devised their own ways of healing and curing disease, some better than the other. Ancient china also devised numerous ways of curing the ill and many of the remedies proved to be very effective. So Read More

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Ayurvdea Medicine

Ayurveda, The Healing Medicine   There are many branches of medicine that we know of, some older than the other and some still in the process of developing. Ayurveda is an ancient lore of medicine that aims to heal the body as a whole. It dates back to more than 3000 years in the traditions Read More

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Hope Virtual Hospital Guarantees Concierge Medical Assistance Anytime

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Hope Virtual Hospital Guarantees Concierge Medical Assistance Anytime   Online Medical Facilities and Healthcare Services Benefit Rural Areas   15th November 2016 – Now Hope Virtual Hospital offers online medical healthcare facilities for those who find it difficult to afford healthcare. This chain of virtual hospitals offer round the clock services Read More

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